14 ways how to spend Valentine´s day

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14 ways how to spend Valentine´s day

Hello my lovely little licornes ~ Since I was browsing a Rosegal for a while and I noticed there are already Valentine´s day sales, I was thinking about writing another valentine post. Today I would like to share with you completely 14 tips, ways how can be this fete actually spent. It doesn´t matter if you are in a relationship or not, you can follow these tips even if you are single! Treat yourself somehow. Having a boy/girl/friend is not a condition :)

Also, I would like to share with you a few tips on a valentines gifts which caught my attention. All of them are available on Rosegal, so you can comfortly buy them online. Or at least you can take this article also as a little inspiration for your own gifts.

5 reasons why you should become a cushion lover as well

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Cushion makeup Notino
* L'ORÉAL PARIS Nude Magique Cushion rozjasňujúci tekutý make-up v hubke *
* MISSHA M Magic Cushion kompaktný make-up SPF 50+ *

Krásny utorok želám všetkým ~ V Južnej Kórei sú cushion mejkapy a iné cushion verzie rozličných produktov veľmi populárne a taktiež obľúbené už niekoľko rokov. Rok či dva dozadu sa prvý cushion mejkap objavil aj u nás, a to konkrétne vďaka kozmetickej značke L´Oréal Paris. Vtedy okolo neho nastal pomerne veľký boom a ľudia ho brali ako nevídanú novinku.

Keďže sa ale v problematike kórejskej kozmetiky pohybujem už dlhšie, niekedy sa nad týmito novinkami iba mierne pousmejem a pomyslím na to, o koľkých produktoch ľudia ani len netušia, že existujú. Poprípade sa o ne nezaujímajú dokiaľ sa nedostanú až sem. A to je veľká škoda!

Hello my lovely little licornes ~ In South Korea there are cushion make-up seriously popular. You can buy there even cushion versions of other products such as eyeshadows or even lip tints. This trend came a few years ago and people seem to still love it. Here we experienced the first cushion make-up thanks to L´Oréal Paris. It was a serious boom back then.

But since I´ve been interested in a problematics of k-beauty for a few years now, sometimes I just smile a bit when I see those "brand-new" products here. People can´t even imagine how many great k-beauty stuff is made in South Korea in a month! On the other hand people may be not interested because it´s an "asian" cosmetics. But that´s a pity!

How the article got lost ...

Faux Gem Star Chrismas Tree Design Hook Earrings

Hello my lovely little licornes ~ It has been a while since we were enjoying Christmas and a few spare days we could finally spend with our beloved ones and with just enjoying holidays. I can clearly remember, that before Christmas, I made an order through Rosegal. I also remember receiving a few packagings which were the order divided in. First half of them came seriously fast but I had to wait for another one. When I finally received even the second half, I took the photos of the items, edited them and also put them into this article.

But what I don´t understand is the fact, how could I possibly forget about writing the article itself! Such a shame! But well, I have to say that whole december, we were seriously busy with taking the exams and tests at university. And since I also had to take my notebook back to the store because there was a problem with it, I forgot about doing this article completely, because I didn´t rewrite my "blogger´s notes" anywhere else.

With these words of mine, I would like to deeply apologize for me forgetting to fulfill my blogger´s asiignments. I am seriously sad, angry and ashamed at my person in the same time. I will try the best of my best in the future and I will pay attention to my blogger´s duties even more then up until now. So with this all being said, shall we start? :)

* provided for a review

Zaful Valentine´s Day Outfit Inspiration

Hello my lovely little licornes ~ A few days later it would be precisely one month separating us from a St. Valentine´s Day - the day dedicated especially to lovers. From January the 12th to February the 14th, Zaful will be having on their site valentines day sale together with other special events such as valentine day special. There will be many sales and deals so you can buy there e.g. some St. Valentine´s gifts too. You can also pick some Valentine´s day outfit and accessories or a beauty stuff to create a beautiful themed make-up for this special occassion.

Being a princess & alluring prom dresses

Simple dress Prom dresses

Hello my lovely alluring little licornes ~ For today I would like to share with you a few tips connected to a topic how to be a princess. Writing this kind of articles makes me seriously happy. Thinking about and sharing tips on a bit unusual topics while adding there a bit of my personality as well is something I just enjoy to do. Also, a princess can´t be the princess without some cute and charming dresses, right? Except advising you how to transform into one alluring creation, I would also like to show you a few fancy prom dresses from Simple-dress.com.

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