Kawaii Box January 2016

Hello my sweeties! ~ A few weeks ago, I got an e-mail with an information about wining a giveaway with a january Kawaii Box. I won it on a Oh dear milk blog and I´m so happy that I entered. I´m almost always a bit sceptic about competitions, because I don´t have much luck in it. Most of you know that I just adore everything which is cute, kawaii and adorable for sure. Also everything which is somehow connected with Japan. But enough of talking! Let´s see what I got in my january KawaiiBox (:

* provided for a review

Kracie Popin´ Cookin´ Oekaki Gummy Land DIY Kit ~ Another super-duper kawaii DIY candy kit. This time it´s much more colourful than I´ve ever expected! I´m really looking forward to making it. I really hope I´ll be able to make as colourful candies as are on the picture down below. Well, we´ll see. Wish me luck ♥

Jewerly Deco Sticker ~ I found this idea more than amazing. Even I don´t like very pinky and shiny stuff, I really do like an idea about putting a whole big sticker on a phone. Isn´t it amazing? If you don´t consider yourself as a patient person, decorating your phone will be much easier with it.

You just pick the one you like and then you put it whole on your mobile phone. Really amazing. And these hearts are adorable and actually kinda useful. You know, Valentine´s day.

Nail Deco Flake Set ~ As you may know, or at least my close friends and people, who visit this blog more often know, I don´t paint my nails with any nailpolishes. So it´s a logical reason that I neither use any decoration like that. But I got an idea. I really love making and decorating my own, or already bought, notebooks. And what´s better than something like that? My notebooks will be definitely wonderful, won´t they?

You can decorate even you favourite mug or something else! Rhinestones, colourful glitters, heart-shaped ones. And also blue and pink ones which look like tiny sugar cubes.

Tiny Bow Stickers ~ They-are-so-a-do-ra-ble! I couldn´t help myself and I was almost drooling, haha. They´re so cute, so adorable. Can you see them? Except pink bows there are also tiny rabbit ones. I decorated even my phone with them ♥ I´ll be definitely having a fun time next days ~

Doughnut Squishy Charm ~ As you can see, recently KawaiiBox probably has decided on adding squishy items to their boxes. In previous one, there was something like a waffle one, I think. Blue colour is one of my favourite since I was a child and I really like a detail of grated coconut. I mean a white something what is on the top of this doughnut. I´m gonna put it on my phone or on my keys (: It´ll be much more easier to find them after that, haha.

Soft Bear Plush ~ Who´s the one who adores plushies? Tha´t would be definitely me! I have many of plushies at home even now, when I´m almost 20-yeared-old person, haha. But what´s bad about having the plushies? I don´t see anything bad about it. This one seems to be a cute tiny bear in white colour with colourful strips in a babyblue, a babypink and a light yellow colour.

Korean Secret Pen Set ~ Have you ever wanted to talk or to write to your friends in secret? Or in a language which just two or three of you know? Well, this secret pen may be the right thing for you. If you like feeling of being a spy, you can use this magical pen for secret notes which are intended just for you and your friends. You can write them on a colourful piece of paper and also put them in a yellow treasure chest with a heart.

Sweet neko purse ~ Can you see how much is this little thing adorable? Because I definitely can! I am happy that I received this neko purse cause I needed a new coin purse. I don´t like big and long wallets, neither big coin purses. This one is middle-sized one and I´m satisfied with it. Aww ~ What a big and beautiful eyes it has ♥ Even if I don´t ike cat that much, I really do like this item.

Cupcake eraser ~ I just love drawing and painting and from time to time I draw some anime characters or something like that. I have many cute pencils, but I don´t have as much cute erasers as this one is. Firstly I had thought it was a tiny cupcake which you could eat, but thanks god, I read it before I opened it, haha.

Sweet mini bag ~ This is the biggest thing I received in january Kawaiibox. I was kinda startled, because I hadn´t been expecting something as big as this bag is. But it´s totally sweet and cute and I´m definitely gonna use it as a storage maybe for my art supplies or something like that.

Dreams Come Through Pen ~ Lovable title for this item, don´t you think? It´s a cute thin pen with a tiny golden crown. It´s not an ordinary pen, it´s a black gel pen which is absolutely amazing! I just love drawing with gel pens, especially with a black ones. It´s easier for me to draw with pens like this one. I´m really looking forward to drawing my first draw with this pen ♥

Thank you very much, Kawaii box, for another lovely items! ♥


  1. everything is really cute >3< love the bear plush ^^


  2. I've seen this box before! It's not entirely my style, but I always thought it looked so cute and fun!


  3. Monica Rae13:47

    Oooo tá mačičkovská peňaženka ♥ Mačky sú život ♥

  4. Edita Lozovska14:38

    This box is totally kawaii cute :D

  5. Oh my god everything is adorable! Love it!

    xo, a l i c e / T Y P E N U

  6. i love these cute asian finds. such a cute box to have! the donut keychain should have a scent to it! i remember having one of the bread ones and it had scents to them haha not sure if yours has it as well?


  7. Sharon Lee02:23

    Seriously everything is the box is really so kawaii!! Congrats on your winning!!


  8. Sonya Thaniya11:53

    Really cute! :)

    Sonya Thaniya
    A Little Color
    Kindly read my fashion tips here :

    Thankyou ^o^

  9. everything is sooo adorable <3

  10. Everything is super adorable! My favourite is the soft plush bear - it's just too cute.

    Margarita Chi | MARGARITACHI.CO

  11. RariMoon✧・゜*05:51

    I'm so happy you loved the box and thank you for mentioning me! <3 I wish you much success~

  12. It´s super-duper cute ♥

  13. Nemám ich nejako extra v láske, ale tá peňaženka je super! A aká je hebká ♥

  14. You´re welcome & thank you very much ♥

  15. Awwwww so kawaiiiiii! I like the squishy donut toy!

    - Che


  16. Gabča11:01

    to pero, ten méďa, ten donut, tie mini fľaštičky s trblietkami, tie nálepky na nechty.....
    To je všetko tak krásne. Už si to raz musím objednať

  17. Omg everything looks so adorable! I love the cat wallet and the donut, super cute! :)


  18. I love this post!! Thanks for sharing. I've just updated my Blog, you should check it out!

    Miss Mai


  19. This is so cool! Well done. I love that purse. : ) xxxx

    ♥ Carly's Beauty Blog ♥

  20. Obsah fľaštičiek som predsa len skúsila na nechtoch a tieto pomôcky sú úžasné :3
    Musíš musíš! Kawaiibox je super! ♥

  21. zlate vecicky :)


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