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Hello everyone ♥ ~ Today I am gonna share my feelings about shopping on an e-shop called Trendsgal with you. A few days ago, I found this e-shop and I browsed there a few pieces of clothing. Some of them took my attention and it happened, that we had a deal about a collaboration. I got a coupon with some amount and I ordered stuff which I liked. I received my stuff two weeks later, which is really fast. If you want to keep reading, click down below (:

At first, I want to mention, that I don´t want to offend anyone or anything. I am just gonna write my honest opinion. I am really grateful that I had an opportunity for another collaboration, but I don´t want to lie to my followers and my readers. Please, keep it on your mind.

First thing I pulled out of a package was a black mini bag with a golden chain. It looks nice and elegant and you can keep there a few things you want to take to the city with yourself. Ideal for spring or summer, when you just want to go and sit somewhere with your friends and you don´t need so much stuff.


Graceful Checked and Metal Design Women's Crossbody Bag

The second thing I pulled out was a night-dress or a nightie. It looked sooo cute and adorable on a model, but when I saw it, I was a bit startled. It looks kinda cheap and again, it doesn´t fit me at all. It´s big for me, even I looked into size chart before I order it. But okay, nevermind. Sometimes things like that just happen. But the worst thing about it is a bit chemical smell and the fact, that I felt a bit burned when I put it on. You now, something like an allergic reaction. I wouldn´t really mind that it doesn´t look as on the picture or it doesn´t fit me. But I do really mind the fact of my skin reaction. It also came with thongs.


Spaghetti Straps Plunging Neck Bordered Stitching Flounces Hem Bow Tie Sexy Women's Babydoll

The third thing was a wonderful cardigan! I´ve really fallen in love with it since I saw it on the site for the first time. Again, it doesn´t look exact as on the picture, but it´s really similar to it. Colours are a bit different, but it doesn´t bother me at all. It´s made from a fine and smooth material. Cardigan is quite like an oversize piece of clothing for me, but I like big and warm sweaters. Especially in the winter. I´m really, really happy and grateful for this item.


Casual Geometric Printed Long Sleeve Asymmetric Cardigan For Women

Another items, which were waiting for me on the bottom of the package, were this pretty earrings which look like owls´ heads. They have also blue eyes and they are studs. I ordered them for my godmother for a Christmas, because she adores owls and she collects things with them. I hope she´ll like them, because I think they are adorable.


I also ordered a white shirt with lace sleeves, but it came a few days later than other items. I was really afraidof the fact, that I might not come at all. I´m relieved now and I have to say, that I really like this shirt. It has a bright white colour and almost transparent sleeves. On the sleeves is a beautiful flower lace as you can see on the photos below. The only thing I´m not satisfied with is the fact, that sleeves are kinda itching me. It can be also because of the material, which is plastic, I think.


What about you guys? Do you have any experience with this e-shop?


  1. wow, beautyfull :) bag is amazing <3 i love it :)
    kisses from poland :*

  2. Loved everything! The bad looks very chic and the shrug looks super comfy! :D

  3. Kardigan looks amazing!


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