Kawaii Box October 2015

Hello everyone! I was really looking forward to writing this article. Most of you may know that I received my first Kawaii Box last year in August. This one is my second one and it´s probably the cutes gift I received for my 19th birthday which I had last month. Kawaii Box is a monthly subscription box where can you find from 10 to 12 kawaii items every month. It´s starting from $17.30 per month and you can order it for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. The best thing, besides the items, is shipping. They offer free shipping worldwide! Isn´t it great ?

* provided for a review

Items which I received for October 2015 ◠‿◠
 Meiji DIY sushi-bar gummies
 Animal sticker sheet
 Neko emoji mini mini pouch
 Jewelry seal deco stickers
♡ Popcorn rolling stamp set
 Heart shaped nail flakes
 Unchi-kun poop lollipop
 Pattern envelope set
 Finger family monster pouch
 Lollipop pen
 Flan dakigurumi plush pouch

Kawaii Box recenzia

Meiji DIY sushi-bar gummies ~ Have you ever dreamt about making your own sushi? If your answear is "yes", than you should try this DIY kit. It contains a few gummies and everything what you must to is just stick them together. Sweet and yummy ♥

Kawaii Box recenzia

Animal sticker sheet ~ I am such a big fan of stickers. I love every kind of them. I don´t care if they are glittery, matte, shiny or whatever. I like using stickers and I use them mostly in my notebooks.
Jewelry seal deco stickers ~ Another stickers! This time they are shiny and especially for girls. I´m planning to use them like a decoration for my phone case.
Heart shaped nail flakes ~ I don´t use any nailpolish neither the nail stickers, but these ones are so cute. I am going to use some of them for decorating my notebooks and some of them I am going to give to my friend, who loves to paint and decorate her nails ♥

Kawaii Box recenzia

Kawaii Box recenzia

Neko emoji mini mini pouch ~ That´s so cute and soft! It´s a mini case for some little items. I put there a few coins and I carry it like a mini coin purse. You can also put it on your keys or something.
Finger family monster pouch ~ Another mini pocket which you can also use as a coin purse or something similar. I have a lot of pouches like this one, so I will give it to my friend´s little sister who is 8 years old. She will be happy. She likes this stuff very much ^^~

Kawaii box recenzia

Kawaii box recenzia

Popcorn rolling stamp set ~ My childhood times are definitely back! When I was little I was playing also with this kind of "toys". I have liked to draw and paint since I was a little child and I also made some potato stamps with my mum. I was really fun making them. I am really looking forward to using these ones.
Pattern envelope set ~ Stationery items are my favourite. These ones have a blue or turquoise colour and I will use them for wrapping some christmas gifts for my family and friends.

Kawaii box recenzia

kawaii box recenzia

Unchi-kun poop lollipop ~ I got a pink one and even it was a poop, it tasted delicious. Too pity we don´t have them here.

Kawaii Box recenzia

Lollipop pen ~ My and my mom´s first reaction was something like : Oh, I want to taste it! I want to eat it! and then, we realized, it´s not a real lollipop. But it looks so authentic! I couldn´t believe it´s a pen, not a candy, haha. And it´s also in my favourite colour - purple ~
Flan dakigurumi plush pouch ~ Wonderful plushie case. It looks so cute and sweet that I sleep with it, haha. I really like plushies and I have a lot of them. This plushie has also a case where can you put some pens, coins or whatever you like. Just the case for your little secrets, haha.

Kawaii box recenzia

Kawaii box recenzia

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  1. Nevím proč, ale tyhle boxíky mě fascinují.. Tolik barev a tolik ptákovin v jednom.. :-)

  2. božé takéto somarinky ja milujeeem, toľko toho tam je wau ♥ ešte raz si to idem preskrolovať :D


  3. ten perečníček je najkrajší <3
    Original copy blog

  4. Owh, I love plushie too, and the dakigurumi plush pouch is just cute. I wish I can have it!
    Oh the lollipop pen is creative and adorable... I love the color too. ♡ (^ ω ^)
    Thnk you for the hosting the giveaway, to Gabrielle & Kawaii box. wish me luck. ☆

    Have a wonderful weekend Gabrielle! ☆♡☆

    Ryu の Sekai

  5. ooo ta giveaway toto musí byt čest vyhrat :D

  6. Ten zajda je fakt cute. *-*

  7. Tyhle boxy bývají parádní, mám ráda takové věcičky. :-)

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