EOS Fairy Violet Circle Lenses

Hello sweeties ~ I have always wanted to make my eyes look different. Even if I love my green eyes with brown fragments there very much, I have wanted to try another colours and also another styles! You can use circle lenses to give your eyes colour you have always wanted or you can use them also for cosplaying if you want to make your eyes look like ones from anime.

It has been something about two months now, when Lens Flavors gave me an opportunity to collaborate with them. I was really startled but on the other side I was really happy too. I agreed with collaboration and I chose one pair of circle lenses which pleased me most. I picked EOS Fairy Violet ones as you can see on the photos. Before I write some information about them, I want to thank to Lens Flavors for the opportunity to collaborate with them. Thank you very much once more!

I received it also with this adorable pink macaron case *///*

And here is some information about these lenses.
Their price: $25.90
Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.8mm
Usage: 1 Year Disposal
Includes: One pair of lenses and one Macaron lens case
They provide also FREE SHIPPING worldwide !

Do you use circle lenses? Do you like them ?

Such a wonderful and amazing look they have. I am really glad that I purchased these ones. Purple is my favourite colour and I also like black fragments there. But, unfortunarely, I haven´t been able to try them on. My eyes are really sensitive and I couldn´t put them in! I was trying to do that several times, but I failed every single time. It really dissapointed me. I know that I have too much sensitive eyes but I didn´t think it would be so bad. For your imagination here is the picture from their site ↓

eos fairy violet circle lenses

eos fairy violet before after
* provided for a review