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Hello sweeties ~ It has been almost month since I purchased my order on a Dresslink. I wrote something about it in my previous summer pieces post, so you can check it, if you want to. I could order some pieces which pleased me for free, because I got an opportunity to co-operate with them. I was really happy because I love this kind of online stores, you know. I don´t have any reservation for cheap or chinese clothing. Most of the clothing which I ordered from the Internet, was in much better quality than clothing, which I bought in the stores here. Okay, you can´t expect that clothing, which you order from the Internet for a few dollars, will be something which will last forever, but this site is the one from the "good ones". My package finally arrived something about two weeks later ! That´s really good. Let´s take a look on what I ordered ^^~

Women Casual Sexy Asymmetrical Skirt ~ On the photos it can look like some sack but it´s really a skirt. I have always wanted a long asymetrical skirt with a side cut, so I purchased this in a red wine colour. You can order it in so many colours, but this one took my attention the most. It makes nice contrast with my almost white legs, haha. This skirt is really long, from a fine material. You can wear it in the summer heats too, because it´s airy. And it nicely copies your body shape. I received it in an asian M size, but it´s our 36/S size. This skirt is one of my favourite. One thing, which may discourage you a little is the fact, that´s a little bit transparent. But it´s not very big deal for me ^^~

Women Synthetic Leather Casual Cross-body Bag ~ This small, white patterned, cross-body bag you can wear also just in your hand, without a chain. I prefer to wear it with the chain, especially in the summer, when I don´t want to take so much stuff with me. When I go out with my friends, it´s more comfy to take just this light and small bag. It´s really adorable, especially with this gold ribbon. You can open it from above when it has a zipper so this one is a little bit different from the other ones. I like this idea.

Women Colorful Tassel Beach Shorts ~ So many patterns and colours ! I couldn´t decide, which one I should order. They are all nice and adorable. I like these kinds of shorts very much, because I don´t like the denim ones. I don´t feel very comfy when I am wearing them. These are an amazing alternative for me. I like purple colour, floral pattern and super-duper cute pom-poms which hang on them. They´re so girly and stylish I think. Like they were made especially for summer. The first two collages didn´t capture their real colour, but when you look on the third one, you can see, how they look in reality.


  1. Moc se mi líbí ty kraťásky, jsou roztomilé!:)

  2. Ty kraťasy jsou super :D :) A ta sukně se mi taky líbí, jen kdyby byla v jiné barvě :)
    Měj se v lásce,
    Janet ( http://janetsonrisa.blogspot.com/ )

  3. Tie šortky sú úplne úžasné ja som ich tiež pozerala aj mala už v košíku,ale nekúpila som ich :/

  4. Ouuu you got some great things! Love that first skirt! so cute and classy :)


    Xoxo Jessy

  5. Love those shorts ( love those colors), nice blog lets follow each other


  6. Heeey Sweetheart!
    I am Brazilian and I was looking for foreign blogs then I found his own, which by the way is beautiful and certainly I'm already following you.
    It makes me a visit there on my blog, I'll love it!
    You are rolling a wonderful giveaway on my blog. We will participate?
    Sucess always!
    XOXO *--*

  7. Wonderful post, can't wait to read the next one!!
    Thanks a bunch for your support on my blog,I am glad you liked my recent post on My Pan AM Experience:

  8. omg absolutely love that sling and those shorts :)


  9. Ty kraťasy jsou nádherné. :)

  10. Nice items! I also did an order to them, still waiting for mine to arrive though...

    (◕‿◕✿) EmoteraGoddess.com | Bloglovin | Instagram

  11. Ty kraťásky jsou úžasné!!:) také jsem nakupovala jednou na Dresslinku

  12. Great haul!


  13. Hi hun thanks for your comment and I followed you, so please follow me back


  14. I really like your picks, especially the shorts, they are absolutely stunning! I'm actually thinking in getting a pair for myself. I really enjoyed this post, thanks for sharing! xx


  15. love the shorts, looks like you got some great stuff!

    danielle | avec danielle

  16. Thank you for your visit. I love the white sling bag with the gold ribbon. Have a nice day!

  17. świetnie wyglądasz kochana! piękne spodenki
    potrzebuję Twojej pomocy, czy klikniesz w linki shein tutaj??

    i w poprzednim poście

  18. Ohh...the shorts are so beutiful! :O <3

  19. z dresslinku si už chcem objednať hádam tisíc rokov, ale stále si hovorím, že nič tak smrteľne nepotrebujem a mala by som šetriť prachy, sakra!!!! :D tá kabelka je božská :)

  20. všetko sú to naozaj krásne kúsky! :)


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